How to Check If a Python List is Empty?

Believe it or not—how you answer this question in your day-to-day code reveals your true Python skill level to every master coder who reads your code.

Beginner coders check if a list a is empty using crude statements like len(a)==0 or a==[]. While those solve the problem—they check if a list is empty—they are not what a master coder would do. Instead, the most Pythonic way to check if a list (or any other iterable for that matter) is empty is the expression not a.

You may call it implicit Booleanness (or, more formal, type flexibility): every object in Python

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Check Python Version in Your Script β€” A Helpful Illustrated Guide

To check your version in your Python script—for example, to make sure that a user of your Python app uses the correct version—you can use the following commands. To achieve this, simply import the sys module and print the sys.version attribute to your Python shell:

>>> import sys
>>> print(sys.version)
3.7.2 (tags/v3.7.2:9a3ffc0492, Dec 23 2018, 23:09:28) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)]

Try them in our interactive browser-based Python shell:

Exercise: execute this code snippet and see what Python version runs on the servers hosting this interactive shell.

Related: You can find a detailed tutorial on how to check your Python version in this comprehensive guide

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Scrum vs. Waterfall vs. Agile – What’s Right for You?

In this article, we will completely ignore the coding technicalities and syntax for a change. We’ll focus on time and work management, which represents a significant portion of a skillset of well-rounded and successful companies and individuals. 

Disclaimer: A clear distinction between project and product management might be blurred in some organizations, and could be a topic for another short blog. Therefore, without further ado, we shall be using “project management” terminology for this blog. 

Software engineering consists of creative problem solving and innovation. Almost daily, coders and developers face new challenges or problems that they’ve never solved before. 

Software engineering as a

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What Are the Best Freelancing Sites for Coders?

Freelancing is the new way to organize the world’s talents. The appearance of big freelancing platforms made it possible to exchange talent efficiently—across borders, currencies, and niches.

You can watch the following video as you go through the article:

Freelance Developer Course Link

This article is for you if:

You’re a freelance developer and you’re looking for paid work—or simply to get started with your new home-based freelancing business.You’re a business owner, project manager, or HR manager looking for programming talent to hire.

There are four major freelancing platforms for coders: Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and If you’re busy and you want to learn

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How to Add Elements to a List in Python?

In Python, there are always multiple ways to accomplish the same thing—but with subtle differences in the side effects. A great coder will always choose the most effective way for the problem at hand.

This tutorial shows you six different ways to add elements to a list in Python. In a nutshell, the different ways to add one or more elements to a list are:

append(): add a single element to an existing list. extend(): add multiple elements to an existing list. insert(): add an element at an arbitrary position in an existing list. Slice assignment: replace a slice of an existing

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The Real Python Podcast – Episode #11: Advice on Getting Started With Testing in Python

Have you wanted to get started with testing in Python? Maybe you feel a little nervous about diving in deeper than just confirming your code runs. What are the tools needed and what would be the next steps to level up your Python testing? This week on the show we have Anthony Shaw to discuss his article on this subject. Anthony is a member of the Real Python team and has written several articles for the site.

[ Improve Your Python With 🐍 Python Tricks πŸ’Œ – Get a short & sweet Python Trick delivered to your inbox every

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