Email Security & Privacy

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. Things have been super exciting on my side. Just got done with a file system checker project in C for my Operating Systems class. It was mentally draining but equally rewarding. This blog post is not about Python but rather about Emails.
This week I also gave a department wide talk at Colgate University on Email security and privacy and some of the SMTP features which are available at your disposal. It went fairly successful. This was a result of my own independent research on the topic. I tried to cover

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Research Writeup: Deanonymization and Proximity Detection Using Wi-Fi

Hi everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I did research at Colgate University over the summers. My research was on Wi-Fi and how I can do some interesting stuff using it. The university just published its annual catalogue of all the research projects which happened over the summer.  My research was done under the mentorship of Aaron Gember-Jacobson. I could not have asked for a better advisor. Here is the writeup of my project:

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), 23.1% of female and 5.4% of male undergraduate students

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Issues with how we teach

Throughout my life, I used to ask myself, “How do people invent
something?”. In my case, I was specifically concerned with Maths,
Physics, and Computer Science.

I would ask myself, “I know how to use these formulas but how did someone come up with these formulas?”.

My teachers’ responses were always the same: “Don’t worry you will understand how it works later on. For now, just learn how to use this formula”. Okay, that was simple. I was already doing it. Learning a bunch of formulas without realizing “what” or “who” they were.

am talking about even

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Looking for an internship for Summer 2020

Update: Thank you so much! I got an amazing opportunity with Azure Cloud Networking team at Microsoft
Hi lovely people! Hope everything is going well on your end. I asked you guys last year for helping me find a kick-ass internship and you all came through. I ended up working at ASAPP over the summer and had an awesome time. I wrote an article about what I learned during my internship.
I am putting out the same request for next summer as well. If you have benefited from any of my articles and work at an amazing company and feel like

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Before Python

This morning I had a chat with the students at Google’s CAPE program. Since I wrote up what I wanted to say I figured I might as well blog it here. Warning: this is pretty unedited (or else it would never be published :-). I’m posting it in my “personal” blog instead of the “Python history” blog because it mostly touches on my career before Python. Here goes.Have you ever written a computer program? Using which language?HTMLJavascriptJavaPythonC++COther – which?[It turned out the students had used a mixture of Scratch, App Inventor, and Processing. A few students had also used Python

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The depth and breadth of Python

As of late I’m noticing a trend: I’m spending more time having in-person in-depth conversations, and less time coding. While I regret the latter, I really enjoy the former. Certainly more than weekly meetings, code reviews, or bikeshedding email threads. (I’m not all that excited about blogging either, as you may have guessed; but some things just don’t fit in 140 characters.)Two conversations with visitors I particularly enjoyed this week were both with very happy Python users, and yet they couldn’t be more different. This to me is a confirmation of Python’s enduring depth and breadth: it is as far

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